There’s an app for everything but coming across Bluemail a free and beautifully designed email client for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android was a real surprise. There are lots of email clients I know, I have always used Outlook, buying into the office suite for all my computers, Microsoft were always good at leading the way with office software.

The reason for my initial search was my sister wanting to access her new email accounts on laptop and phone. I searched for an alternative to Outlook coming across Bluemail. Knowing my sister was not technology minded and being 13000 miles away I did a test install on my machine to make sure she would be able to cope with the install and setting up.

I was amazed how easy it was to setup the email account, all I needed to do was enter the password. The IMAP account was up running and receiving emails immediately.

I explained to my sister how easy this would be, I have done this before only to enter a world of pain shortly after, but I was truly optimistic on this occasion. I was shocked when within a short amount of time I received an email informing me it was all up and running. In an instance my sister was successfully emailing on her laptop and old android phone.

I installed it on my phones and have been using it since, I will explain why…

The interface is nicely designed, simple to use and works. Outlook on the phone had not been responsive for a while and I gave up using it. Every now and then I would return to see if would miraculously resolve its issues. The problem being was that emails from 2017 were being displayed that I knew were no longer on the server. The little icon would rotate informing me that it was downloading a new message, but this was just a tease because it never did.

There are some nice features in BlueMail nice animated menus offering all the usual styling for your email, attaching an image also allowed minor editing such as crop and rotation. These were smooth and slick and added to the user experience

So, my conclusion is that if it works don’t change it but for outlook on my phone this wasn’t the case so, I did change it and found in BlueMail a very competent piece of software that was incredibly easy to setup and works without issue. I would recommend this software for anyone as a valid alternative for Microsoft outlook on your desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

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