I always have to smile when I hear a car dealership advertise on radio but the dealers refuse to use print.
Will the car price and details of finance stimulate you to purchase? I really don’t think so.
Will it convince you that’s the car for you? No.
Is the price better than any other showroom? Well, surely the manufacturer determines the price, the dealership can’t sell the car as a loss-leader like a supermarket, there’s nothing else to sell.
Strangely, I believe that most car ads have done more for reviving the music used to reinforce the lifestyle image than selling the primary product.
Buying a vehicle is a commitment for the next 5 – 7 years for most people. Radio has limited sensory stimulation, we want to see the features of the vehicle, we want to take a tour of the car (outside and inside), we want to compare it with others for the same price. The customer doesn’t get that in a 30-second radio or even TV commercial.
And the lifestyle images portrayed surely bring disappointment to the people buying these vehicles, because to most it’s unachievable dream and far from reality.
Dealers can argue that all this advertising pulls you in, but I’d also dispute that, often finding people looking at cars when the salesman is nowhere in the vicinity. Taking an uninterrupted look at their future vehicle purchase.
This becomes even worse if you are looking for a used vehicle.