I don’t consider myself a technically unsavvy person, I have built a career over the past 25 years in computer graphics. The first production computer I used was an Apple IIe. The graphics industry was in its infancy, I remember the days before Adobe when Letterset had moved from dry transfer to the forefront of graphics software. Yes, I’m that old I remember the first ever Adobe product versions.

However, age may have finally caught up with me, as I have been disheartened this week when for the first time I tried GitHub.

Firstly, I must say it is 2014. A system that’s the preferred method of interaction is the command line and heavily depends on this is a step backward in my opinion.

Why did I come to use Github…?

Well, I was building a smart phone app, Phonegap had suggested it preferred GitHub repositories for uploading app content. Although, there was an option to upload a ZIP file, I wrongly opted for the Git.

I sat in front of the monitor for nearly two days, frustrated that I just didn’t understand the concept and failed time and time again to upload files. My madness took over, I became obsessed in achieving something more that just setting up a repository. I did, I set up four repositories, none of which had files attached to them. I watched YouTube videos looked at using the command line. I thought there must be something better. Yes, there was – the Github desktop utility. I hastily downloaded the software knowing that this would solve all my issues. I was so very wrong. Another day went past and I still hadn’t uploaded a file. I had, however created, a default readme file. There must be something better I found two apps Giteye and Source Tree. Giteye got me those files uploaded, I committed, pushed and synced to my heart was content. I was happy I had mastered the beast. Until I woke the next morning to find all my local files and been reverted back to almost their original state. WTF, I thought where has all the code gone, I must have it backed up somewhere all good computer people do backups. Oh well NO… Nothing

I began writing the code again, this time ignoring the Git and working locally, I then zipped the file and uploaded to phone gap for testing, job done.

Am I getting old? Or like I said at the beginning, it is 2014 and the command line should RIP.