I thought it would be a good idea to remote access into the
Mac, little did I know how difficult it was going to be. I tried a few remote desktop solutions to connect to the Mac from my PC, with no success. Although, there was no problem in the other direction, the PC was willing to allowed access.

I initially tried the obvious, shutting down the security, after
restarting the problem remained.

Exhausting these ideas and all possible things blocking it,
I saw an article associated with one of the remote desktop software
applications I had tried. Oh yeah, silly me what about security and
accessibility on the Mac, the software I thought would have granted its own permissions, but this particular article suggested otherwise.

Now this is where the problem started – Every time I open
the accessibility panel on the Mac the program icons disappeared, only with a reboot would they once again appear. There were suggestions that ESET security could be the instigator of these problems. I knew I had switched this off when attempting a previous install. I am very pro ESET Security I think it’s an excellent security application. However, in this instant it was the culprit and switching off the security wasn’t an option it had to be removed then a system reboot.

I have the latest version of ESET however, there’s a development
version that will be released in the future.  My first and I hope my only criticism of ESET is that this should be an update now. You shouldn’t have to go looking for or running beta versions to solve this issue that is fundamental to Macs.