There are so many articles and YouTube Videos concluding there are 10 different fixes for this problem. I have experienced Windows 10 100% Disk Usage on many PC’s and none of them were resolved with these ‘10’ solutions.I’m not saying you shouldn’t try them if you’re experiencing disk usage running at 100% and windows are non-responsive. The answers recommended may have some merit for your situation. However, for me, it never resolved my issue.

Sometimes you look far too deep for the causes of problems without checking the simple things that often reside right under our noses.

I have found that in our quest for cloud storage, we forget the fundamental thing that most of the cloud services need to sync. Whether it be Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive or one of the many others. They all want to sync at startup. Include that with software applications checking for updates, downloading updates – ready to install later and Antivirus. This can put a real strain on the resources of the machine especially drive activity. Also, ponder that windows often download in the background and you have a great recipe for 100% Disk Activity