I have a big gripe about I watch I brought a little while ago. The watch was the Navig8, it was sold out of many of the retail outlets I had access to, but I eventually found one at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre.

I was really pleased with the watch I brought it to track my GPS movements while I was doing photography. It worked really well integrated with Lightroom easily and overall it had every function I needed.

However, here is my whinge, firstly it looks like a robust sporty type watch – it fell apart while I was doing the gardening. I pieced back together it lasted for a few more weeks before disintegrating again. Then the numbers vanished, only when the watch was warm did the numbers come back, I presume there’s some kind of dry connection inside the watch.

Look i know we live in a throw-a-way society, but it wasn’t a cheap watch, you would expect to get a little more than 8 months from it.

OK whinge over but has anyone got the time…?

Navig8r Navwatch S10 GPS Sportswatch