Not only am I doing my 9-5 job producing advertising, but this week and weekend I will be testing three SEO applications, comparing and contemplating there future use.

Currently, trying to improve the SEO of two websites to evaluate the software’s performance.(This will be a further post)

I’m learning a new template designer and there’s no better way than throw yourself in the deep end. I may construct a free website for the local soccer team to test it’s abilities and ease of use.

I have also been testing XML software, The trails have finished and I still haven’t made up mine mind which way to go. Problem is that this type of software is not cheap. You are making a considerable investment, Oxygen is the one I kept coming back to and it could be used successfully on Mac and Pc.Also need to finish of the TV guide I’m automating from PVR to Indesign.

Have to fit in some wood splitting, shopping and cooking of the roast.