OK I have been using Pinegrow for a while, creating templates for WordPress. Having made a few mistakes learning the software I thought I would share some of these with you. I have generally found it to be a very useful tool. Even more useful when you connect with Atom. I still like to code somethings manually and use Pinegrow to achieve a fast framework to work with but when I need to customize, I find I’m doing more of the work in Atom.
Firstly, I’d like to talk about a simple issue and I will begin exploring other issues later.
I have found on occasions that having exported the template to my local server, when trying to edit through the customizer it’s become inaccessible. So, too have the block contents which, I use a lot in the front-page development. I have found that when I duplicate a page in Pinegrow, not always does the page duplicate completely. Sometimes the WordPress Bootstrap isn’t either attached or activated in the document. This removes the customizer and the block content. By simply re-activating the plugins will bring back the customizer and block contents.
Just one more note on this situation, if you have created a lot of custom CSS for the blocks, this will be lost if you haven’t copied the CSS rules to the custom.css. As the plugin replaces all the CSS for that bootstrap. You can manage and apply the bootstrap files to individual html pages, but more commonly I add it to all the pages within the project to make sure it’s there.
I’m finding that the custom.css file is the best way of maintaining my custom edits to the blocks.