I have quickly become a fan of Word Press, I’ve been using Joomla for many years and always considered it to be one of the better CMS system.

However, I have given a lot of training on Joomla and I find that people struggle with the initial category and sub category levels and also the continually moving between articles and menu system and so forth. That’s always been the biggest complaint from new users of Joomla. I know the later versions are trying to eradicate some of these issues, and I do like version 3.

I must say the simplicity of Word Press for new comers to content management systems, is one of its greatest strengths. I also like the updating facilities, you really don’t have to think about continually maintaining the system and plugins.

Security on both systems can be fragile at the best of times.

For a number of years I never really considered Word Press a CMS, it was an excellent blogging system that’s made its way in to the category of CMS. I can however see why people consider using the system to manager content.

Another addition to Word Press that I really like is Windows Live Writer, the integration of this slimmed down word processor with Word Press is excellent. I really enjoy the fact that I don’t have to go through the process of logging on to Word Press to create and update my posts. This is a much more fluid way to work.

It’s doesn’t matter what CMS you use as long as you or the client are happy in the general use of the system. I’m finding that when I show the alternatives to people they seem to prefer Word Press.